How To Delete Instagram Account- Android | iPhone | Laptop 2020

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How To Delete Instagram Account It looks like you have troubles with your Instagram account. Are you worried about your photos and all the data present in your Instagram account? Do not be surprised; we will guide you step by step how to delete or disable an Instagram account.

How To Delete Instagram Account 2020 (Step By Step)

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how to delete instagram account permanently on mobile

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how to delete instagram account step by step

You must know the thing that deleting Instagram account means that your all photos, videos, stories and everything will be deleted from Instagram.

To permanently delete the Instagram account:

  • You have to login into your Instagram account
  • Remind that you will be unable to remove your Instagram account from the App, you must log in from in your browser
  • After login, visit “delete your account” page
  • Now you will have to select the reason for deleting the account
  • Now enter the password and delete your account permanently
  • Then you will see the block of “confirm the password.”
  • Your account will be permanently deleted.

How To Deactivate Instagram Account

If you have planned to take a break from social media and want to deactivate the Instagram account for some time, so here you will get the guide of deactivating the Instagram account.

  • Login to your account
  • You have to log in from a browser because you can not deactivate from mobile App
  • Now click on “Edit” and select “Temporarily disable my account.”
  • Now it is time to enter your password.
  • You will be asked a reason for deactivating your account
  • Deactivate your Instagram Account
  • All done

How to Reactivate your Instagram Account

At the point when you’re prepared to join the Instagram people group by and by, you can reactivate your deactivated record.

To do as such, you should sign in to your Instagram account once more.

Go to and sign in with your username and secret key to reestablish your crippled record.

How to Delete Instagram Account On Mobile Phone

If you are fed up of your Instagram Account and have planned to delete it on the spot from your mobile. Don’t you know how to remove it? We will show you step by step. After going through this guide, you will be then able to delete your account from your mobile phone.

  • Open Instagram App
  • Visit your profile
  • Tap on the burger menu symbol on the upper right (the three even lines)
  • Now click on setting in the bottom of your screen
  • Tap on help
  • Tap Help Center, and then a browser window will pop-up
  • Tap Managing Your Account
  • Tap Delete Your Account
  • Tap How would I erase my record?
  • Look down to the initial step and tap on the connection to the Delete Your Account page.

When you’re on the Delete your record page, select a motivation behind why you’re erasing your record starting from the drop menu. What’s more, indeed, you genuinely need to do this, or you can’t proceed onward. At that point, look down and enter your secret word when provoked.

How To Delete Instagram Account On Laptop

Previously we talked about deleting Instagram account from a mobile phone. Now it is time to guide the user how to delete the account from your laptop. The steps are straightforward to follow, and there is nothing technical.

  • Open your browser and visit
  • Now log in to your account by putting your username and password.
  • Click on the link: to navigate to Instagram to delete your account.
  • Select an option starting from the drop menu, enter your secret key and tap on “permanently delete my account”. That is it!

How To Delete Instagram Account Without Password

Most people face this issue. They do not remember their password, but they want to delete the account. Here, we will tell you how to delete your account without a password.

If you are as of now signed in for you add an email id to your profile and affirm the mail.

At that point, utilize the mail to Change your secret key ao that now you will get your secret key.

Presently head back to your Instagram account on pc/PC and afterwards.

  • Go to the Delete Your Account page. In case you’re not signed into Instagram on the web, you’ll be approached to sign in first. You can’t erase your record from inside the Instagram application.
  • Select an option starting from the drop menu beside Why are you erasing your record? What’s more, reappear your secret key. The option to “permanently delete your account”will show up after you’ve chosen an explanation from the menu.
  • Snap or tap Permanently delete my account.

There is no other option than this to erase an Instagram account without a password and email id.

How To Delete Instagram Account From iPhone

If you are the user of Apple iPhone and you are unaware of how to delete your Instagram Account in iPhone. So following are the simple steps that you need to follow to delete your account.

  • Click on the Instagram App right on the screen.
  • After this, now open your Instagram account page.
  • Noe tap on the setting which is present in the type right corner of your screen.
  • Click on the help center option.
  • This is in the “support” gathering of settings alternatives toward the base of the Settings menu.
  • Now Tap on manage your account.
  • Click on the delete your account. It will take you to the help page where you will get information regarding deleting your account.
  • Click on “How do I delete my account” You don’t have to peruse the substance of this page since Instagram gives a connect to the genuine “delete account” work in the main numerical advance here.
  • Tap ” delete your account page link”
  • Now enter your username and password to proceed further
  • Tap the bar at the bottom of your page
  • Now you have to give a reason for deleting your account
  • Tap Done
  • Now enter your account password again
  • Click on “Permanently delete my account”

Final Words

We have guided you step by step for deleting your account from different devices. The guide will work correctly. To ensure its perfectness, we have done it practically.

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