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November 27, 2019
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Ninja Raiden Revenge Mod APK: If you are willing to play thrilling games that are full of excitement and adventure, Ninja Raiden Revenge is the best game for you. As the name of the game predicts that it is a game related to battlefield in which you have to rescue the area in which you live. Ninja Raiden revenge is the game in which the character has to take revenge for its village people and society. The demon of the game is a eight headed snake with eight tails who aims to destroy all near-by villages. It remains bloody and inflamed body that has been extended to eight hills and eight valleys.

The most prominent figure in this game is eight. The demon is going to attack the next valley which is 9th in number. Ninja will save the valley from the demon using a sword in its hand and fighting with the snake. For every hundred years, Orochi will revive and save the world from the horror. At the end, it comes to Wind village, where Ninja lives, so they will have a serious freedom fight between them.

Ninja Raiden Revenge Mod APK


The game is available for android users only. You can get the game from your play store on your smart devices to enjoy the thrill and excitement. It has nearly 8 thousand views and popular among the people that love to play armed games. You will love to revive the world, fighting a beast that focuses on the disaster. To get the app in your phones you must have 4.1 version of android this is the minimum requirement. The version of the game after the last update is 1.5.4.

It is derived from the genre “Adventure” that are making the best games in the market from last few decades. All you need to rescue the world are the fighting skills to kill the heavy creature from a single sword. The game was last updated on 8th of October, 2019. The developers of the app are Tenda games. You can get it from google play store simply by typing the names of the game in the search bar. The content rating is 4.3 out of 5, which deflects it, is high-profile game. After a rough estimate, it is seems that the total downloads are 1.7k.

If we talk about the game, it is best for teen-age players as the Ninja is the best character for young blood. For kids, it is a bit difficult game and to handle the sword in one hand with full fighting skills. So it is most recommended for people that loves thrilling and fighting games. You can add more thrill in the game by using the hack file to show more skills and unbeatable challenges.

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  • To download the game, go to the play store and get it by searching the name. To get the hack or APK file of the

  • game go to our site and follow the under given instructions

  • Go to the relevant site

  • Load the home page

  • Click on the green button on the top left of the page

  • It will redirect you to the download page

  • Get the file by pressing the download button

  • The file will start downloading

  • You will be notified by the pop-up in your notification center

How to Install

  • After downloading the APK file, you have to install in separately. You will not get the APK file working instantly, to enjoy the hacks follow the following instructions:

  • Go to your download folder

  • Search the APK file in the folder

  • Click on the file and install it

  • To install it keep pressing the next button until it pop up on your screen and at the end you will get a finish button when you are all done.


The game is all time favorite of teen age players. It has the following reasons that makes it the best game for adventure:

  • You can enjoy 8 different maps in the game with different playing areas

  • There are total 96 level to play and enjoy

  • It combines the elements of action and excitement

  • You can also take advantage of puzzle adventures, RPG and hack-n-slash

  • There are total 8 big bosses battles that have a number of monsters, zombies and beasts all around

  • You can enjoy for character upgrade options

  • Using this game, you will feel it easy to play with the easy control movements

  • You will also like the high quality graphics

Mod Features

  • With the APK file in your device, what will you get? Here are the Mod features of the game that you will get after installing the hacks

  • You will get unlimited currency to buy new features of Ninja

  • With the countless coins, you will be able to buy all best characters in the game

  • Even if it shows that you have 0 currency left, you can buy all the thing normally

  • You can upgrade your Ninja with all your desirable options

  • It will also fix all the bugs in the game that you face at stage 3-4

What is new?

After the hack installed, what new will you get in the game? What will be the benefits to download the hack? The new features of the game are the unlimited options and purchases with the currency. The unlimited stock of the coin will help you add new features to your Ninja character and retrieving the game if you fail to pass the level. You can also upgrade your playing moods and maps.

You can also enjoy the sign in feature in the game after the last update. This will let you have your personal certified account in the game. The remarkable feature of this option is that you can start your game from where you left in the last device. You will have the backup and restore option after singing in to your account on the game.


To get the APK file you must have the game in your android device. To get the app, you must have a phone with android software that has the version 4.1 at least. And you will need internet connection ion your device to download the game. Once, you have done with it enjoy the hack by downloading the APK file on your device and challenge yourself with tough wars and battles.


The Ninja game is best for kids as the parents added good comments about the game on play store. The players of the game added that it is superb game with good graphics and easy control system. The dark theme of the game is best for enjoy the exciting game. With a five star rating, a user of the app narrated that it is wonderful platform to spend the leisure time. But one improvement that we need in the game is that the sword is not enough to fight the battle, Ninja must have other weapons too. Moreover, I loved the update in which the jumping ability of the Ninja was enhanced and you can defeat the beast easily.



Most asked questions about the APK file are as follow

Is the APK file harmful for our smart devices?

APK files are very light. They are not harmful to your device. You can enjoy the hacks with zero worries.

What new features will we get after the installation

After installing the APK file, you will enjoy the improved graphics. You will get unlimited currency from which you can buy all your desired products in the game

I have downloaded the file but the hack is not working?

After installation, most often you fell difficulty in the hack, you do not need to worry about it. Simple restart you cell phone or the game and you are all done to relish the new features.

The currency is zero, can I still buy all things?

Sometimes after downloading the APK file, the currency still shows zero! Do not bother it. Despite of that figure, you can buy all the things in-game

Final words

In the above content, we have shared with you the best game for newbies and teen agers. I personally played the game and loved my character, Ninja as it rescues the lives of people in the village. Hope you will also love to play the game. The graphics of the game are awesome. The control panel is simple and easy to understand. All you need is the command on the sword for better fighting. Get you APK file and double your fun! Do share your reviews about the game with Nullzerep!


181 - 1.0.173M4.1 and up31/10/2019
178 - 1.7.3100M4.1 and up18/04/2019
161 - Varies with deviceVaries with deviceVaries with device10/02/2020
153 - with device4.2 and up06/02/2020



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