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Gelios Software
January 24, 2020
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Old Gold 3D mod APK :Save the gold treasure from the Raid, the dungeons. Become the evil defender and fight with the powerful bosses who are guarding the ancient gold. Become more powerful in the game using Old Gold 3D mod APK file. To get the gold in your hand grab the file from our site and enjoy the unbeatable hacks. Coming back to the introduction of the game, it is the best game to increase your adventure abilities.  Fight against the deadly quest and become a treasure hunter. The addictive fast action RPG gives a classical option of retro player in single mood.

Old Gold 3D mod APK

The game start with 1 old broken sword, 3 dragon hunter bow, 2 tomb rocks, 5 knight’s sword, 6 flicker dagger, 8 heretic’s magic staff, 7 raider’s mace and 9 spear of doom. To update the fighting option, get the APK file to enjoy the hacks. The character of the game is able to journey through deadly 3d labyrinths. All you need to engage the beast and kill them with your weapons before they kill you.

App Details

The app, Old Gold 3D is very simple and best for kids. The game is easy to handle and operate. The character has to defeat the evil by using your armor and sword. Awful beast and skeletons will comes on the way of your journey to the gold but you have to beat them all to get your destiny. If we talk about the game, the app was launched in 2017 with 2.6.5 version that involves the features of added hunter leaderboards, 18 hunter dragons and updates experience potions. In the next version, that was 2.9.6 there was a number of updates for you.

In this version, the updates were stone Golems, skeleton ghosts added, great shield option, updated dungeons, undead king, superior spear, horned demons and much more. Later on it was updated to the 3.2.7 version that included the updated hunter knife, a changed weapon store and update of the first dungeons. At the most recent update, on 15th may 2019, they introduced version 3.2.9, which had more free money and diamonds and serval other game improvements. The developer of the game is Gelios Software.

You can get the app from google play store from your android devices and from app store from the iOS. The category of the game is Free Action game and you need 4.1 or more version of android to get it. The seller of the game is Andrey Razbakov. The total size of game is 231.3 MBs. For iOS devices you must have 8.0 or later version. The language of the game is English, Russian. You can get the app free of cost however; you have to pay for the in-app purchases. In which you will get basic pack, standard pack and large pack, coins and diamonds on different rates.


To get the Old Gold 3D Mod APK file on your devices, get in to our site and follow the given instructions

  • Search for the APK file from your devices on the browsers
  • Visit our site for the best APK files
  • Click on the download button on the screen
  • You will find the button on the top right
  • Press the button, to get the file
  • You will see a pop-up on your screen
  • The file has started to download

How to Install

Note: You have to install the file separately after you have downloaded it.

If you are facing the problem to install the file, follow the below given instructions to get it in your device and to enjoy new hacks

  • Find the downloaded file in your device
  • Go to the downloads and search for the APK file
  • Afterwards, click on the file
  • Press the next button until it pop up
  • Click finish and you are all done

After installing the file, restart the game or for more better results, restart your cell phone to enjoy the new hacks.


The feature that makes the game joyful are as follow

  • You have to kill the skeleton to get the gold coins
  • There are beasts that will stop you to do the mission
  • You will have a broken sword in your hand
  • To upgrade your weapons, get more coins and buy it
  • The interface language of the game is RU,EN, FR, DE, ES
  • Update your weapon and armor to fight in the darkness of the game
  • Enjoy the ancient palace that is waiting for you in the game
  • Do or die to get the gold coins
  • Kill different monsters, evil rats and awful dragons to win the battle

Mod Features

With the mod features you can enjoy more new options in your game to make it more interesting, these are as follow

  • you will get unlimited coins to buy new amours
  • enjoy you battle with new weapons without any worry of coins or diamonds
  • start your game with unlimited diamonds
  • you can also enjoy the debug mode that shows fps and other useful information in the game
  • you will not be disturbed by the ads during the game
  • to be more stronger impact, you will start the game at hero level (no.26)

What’s new?

What new will you get after getting the OLD GOLD 3D Mod APK file? This question is common in the mind of every user, the answer to this is the unlimited gold coins from which you can proof unbeatable in the game. You can buy all you want with the coins and using the unlimited diamonds get what others only think about. One more feature that will be new for you is that you can start your game from 26th level and can proceed fast in the game. Another most interesting thing you will love is the game without ads, all the unnecessary ads that breaks your attention will be removed.

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The basic requirements for the game and APK file are a smart device either android or iOS with an internet connection. You will need the 4.1 or latest version of android and 8.1 of iOS at least to get the game and the APK file. You can get on smartphones or tablets. The internal storage requirement is only 70 MBs minimum. To play the game you do not need internet requirement but to get the game and APK file you must have the internet connection. The game version should be 3.0.3 to get the APK file.

What other people think about the game? The game has the best reviews from people around the globe. However, the game is scary and fearful for kids to play at night. The palace is a horror place and the skeletons and mini creatures look scary in the darkness of the cave. The overall rating of the game according to the apple app store is 4.5 out of 5.

Additionally, parents do not recommend it for kids as it is fearful for them most especially in the dark room or in nights they highly prohibit the kids to play this game. Buh the game is overall good and interesting to play. Make sure that your child must not play the game alone in the darkness.




What is the size of the APK file?

The file is very light in weight. You only need 70 MBs of internal storage to install the APK file to your smart device. It is very light that will not affect you other apps.

Will it harm the smartphones?

This file has no effect on your cell phone. You smart device will stay safe after installing the file. So do not worry about the health of your devices.

What will we get after installing the file?

After installing the APK file, you can enjoy a number of hacks that will make the game easier for you. You can get unlimited options to buy the weapons and armor to kill the beasts more efficiently.

My hacks are not working, what should I do?

If you are facing the problem to enjoy the hacks, do not take tension about it. Every problem has a solution. Restart the game even if you are unable to get the hacks, reinstall the game without uninstalling the file and then start the game again, you will feel innovation in the game.

What will be the effect of this file on our other apps?

The APK file will not interfere in the other apps of your cell. It do not need any app premises to start or install so your files and personal data will remain unaffected.

Final words

Ending the content with the final words. Overall review about the game is good. It is a best game for kids mostly recommended for teen agers. The dark cave with the skeletons and that scary creatures will be amuse you in free time. You will love to collect the gold coins fighting them. It will enhance your fighting skills and best amusement in for your free time.


Version Size Requirements Date
181 - 1.0.1 73M 4.1 and up 31/10/2019
178 - 1.7.3 100M 4.1 and up 18/04/2019
161 - Varies with device Varies with device Varies with device 10/02/2020
153 - Varies with device 4.2 and up 06/02/2020



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